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There’s always a rainbow at an English vineyard!

The Wildflower Wine Club team were given insider access into a recent customer survey, run by the English wine specialist, Corkk.

Their aim?
To find out what the great British public thought of our homegrown wines.

Their findings?
The future is looking rosy (or should we say rosé) for the UK, not surprising considering we are one of the newest, most exciting and fastest growing wine regions in the world.

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View of vineyards in Sussex

First and foremost, we Brits are not only a thirsty bunch (over 70% of respondents drink wine more than once a week), we are also proud of our local produce.  According to WineGB (the national body for grape growers and winemakers), English and Welsh wine sales increased during lockdown by 30% year on year as more consumers shop local, a trend that is set to continue.

Considering more than 70% of all wine produced in the UK is of the sparkling variety, much of it award-winning, it was interesting to note that the survey respondent’s choice between sparkling or still wine was on par, showing the growth and interest in still wine production.  If you haven’t tried a local still wine yet, look for a 2018 vintage of Chardonnay, Bacchus or Pinot Noir from Kent or Sussex and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality, (even if there aren’t many 2018 bottles left on the shelves).

The survey also showed respondents were keen oenophiles, curious and eager to try something new.  England and Wales are the latest wine regions on the international viticultural block. And with a wide and varied smorgasbord of vineyards across our country to explore, now’s the time to discover why the wine on our doorsteps is considered amongst the most innovative and exciting in the world today.   

Sustainability is not only at the heart of many of our vineyards, according to the survey, it’s also a must-have when it comes to choosing wines – most of the respondents prefer to support local producers, (a positive step towards cutting carbon emissions).

And any question of inferior quality or inflated prices of English wines were dismissed by many of the respondents, stating the high quality and value offered by English wines were key purchase decisions.


Topline findings of Corkk’s customer survey (Summer 2021)

  • Over 70% of respondents drink wine more than once a week
  • 35% enjoy English Sparkling wine at least once a month
  • 33% choose an English still wine at least once a month
  • Nearly 65% of respondents chose English wine as they like trying something new
  • A whopping 70% said they chose local wines because they want to support local producers
  • 61% choose English wine for its high quality
  • 76% felt that English wine represents good value for money
  • 96% said they recommend English wine to their friends and family

It appears that attitudes and conceptions towards our local wines have changed, and for the better.  England and Wales are now firmly part of the global wine establishment; and with the world’s leading wine makers and producers eyeing up our little isle, it will be exciting to see how our homegrown wines develop on the vine and in the bottle over the next few years and decades.