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Pairing our favourite sparkling wine with food is a treat for the senses. Whether celebrating a special occasion or relaxing over dinner at home, finding the perfect Champagne to match the occasion gives the meal that extra va-va-voom.

A Champagne Breakfast

If you love pancakes or waffles with fresh berries, icing sugar, a dollop of crème fraîche or Greek yogurt, and a sprinkle of freshly grated lime or orange zest, we suggest a non-vintage Champagne Brut. The natural zingy liveliness, minerality and notes of citrus fruits and white flowers of a classic non-vintage Champagne will pair beautifully and add a sparkle to the day ahead.

A Champagne Roast

A traditional Sunday roast calls for Champagne with a bit of punch such as a Blanc de Noirs. Created from black grape varieties such as Pinot Noir or Meunier, these wines are usually a little more powerful with more berry fruit intensity and density- an excellent companion to the flavours of roast meats and vegetables.

A Sweet Treat

Most desserts go perfectly with bubbles, especially if fruit is involved. A strawberry fruit tart goes well with a delicate and fruity Rosé Champagne. Beautifully coloured and sophisticated, Rosé Champagne is usually fresh and smooth, whilst its acidity will match any cream added to your favourite pie. Alternatively, if you have an even sweeter tooth, (think pavlova covered in berries and exotic fruit) opt for a slightly sweeter Champagne such as a Sec or Demi-sec – matching sweet with sweet is always a winner in our books.

Friday Fizz & chips

A Wildflower Wine Club favourite and a great way to turn your Friday night fish and chips into a luxurious experience.
Pick the driest style of Champagne (a Brut Nature or Brut Zero) and the spark of its acidity combined with a delicate fizz and creamy finish with cut through the fatty batter of the fish and fried chips seamlessly. Take our word for it, this is a game changer.

With thanks to The Champagne Bureau UK, the representation of the Comité Champagne in the UK, a trade association representing Champagne Growers and Houses.