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Hinting at its spa beginnings, Olverum beauty products’ aura of natural scents wash
over you – lemon, orange, rosemary – sublime and enriching at the same time.
These are oils to spend time with, languishing in a hot bath, listening to music
surrounded by candles. This is what a warm hug of self-care feels like.

This is not just a story of a great beauty brand, this is a tale of history and adventure, featuring a famous blend of age-old physic garden ingredients and the healing powers they continue to provide against the backdrop of our modern-day lifestyle.

From humble beginnings in Germany, renowned for its spa towns, Olverum’s founder was in fact a successful winemaker from Mosel in the early 1900s.

Franz Otto Klein’s other passions involved his wife, travel and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. He indulged in all travelling the world with his wife, who (lucky for Franz) was a renowned pharmacologist. Yet, however far he ventured in search of oils for his own personal collection, it was his favourite spa town, Baden Baden that he returned to for his most treasured organic blends. In 1929, the spa ceased production and when one door closes the seeds of Olverum were sown, and the idea of a unique blended oil was formed, combining the oenology and laboratory skills of the Kleins with their worldly-wise vision of what a therapeutic oil could truly be.

Back home in Mosel, their former monastery farmhouse was home to a physic garden of rare plants. Cultivated by its previous tenants, fate gifted the couple their own library of exotic, natural botanicals from which they could blend an oil to restore and revive. Passed down through generations, the family business grew into Olverum – ‘true oil’ in Latin – a cult product revered by a small number of passionate fans. By the mid-2000s this led to the rebranding of Olverum under new ownership, commemorating eight decades of tradition and an authentic therapeutic ethos to create a range of beauty products designed for modern, luxurious self-care.

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What we love is how Olverum makes you feel, it’s like cocooning yourself in warming oils that calm, nourish and uplift all at the same time. Olverum feels and smells indulgent, its spa heritage DNA ebbs and flows through every product.

Made from only a handful of natural ingredients sourced responsibly, each product is sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free, with none of those artificial names or numbers.

You can lose hours blissfully reading through the extensive ingredients list on the Olverum website – it’s a joy to discover age old herbs, plant extracts and botanicals and explore their benefits. Every ingredient has a story, from the upcycled Papaya Enzyme in Olverum’s Body Polish or the Kalahari Desert Salt sourced from suppliers who support sustainable projects. If you have a favourite, or have specific need, you can seek out which Olverum bath or body product champions it, whether to restore your skin’s vitality, reduce blemishes, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles or to revive body and mind.

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And if you’re looking to calm your mood, boost confidence and self-esteem, Olverum have developed their own detoxifying self-massage technique which combines Shiatsu and Gua Sha disciplines to maximise their Pure Radiance Facial Oil’s benefits.

If a hug could be bottled, it would be Olverum.