Celebrating creative talent and small businesses

The team at Wildflower Magazine have always been enthusiastic champions of independent businesses, artisanal enterprises and anyone who believes in the art of craft.

Launching towards the end of June 2023, Wildflower Magazine’s Little Green book will be a new online marketplace, a directory of some of the UK’s most unique small businesses where genuine craftsmanship, personal service and a sustainable future is not only celebrated, it is part of their DNA.

Keep the Little Green Book in your mobile pocket to find creative artisans and specialists across the fields of interiors, gardening, fashion, craft, food, wine, travel and more.

The seed of our new online directory, the Little Green Book was sown after many years of meeting with, writing about and supporting some of the UK’s most unique artisans and small businesses.

Why Green? Celebrating the creative talent across our diverse and very green countryside, the Little Green Book is a special community offering artisanal products, services and experiences who believe in a sustainable future for themselves and the environment we call home.

If you love small businesses and artisanal craft….

Visit our website at the end of June to find our new Little Green Book directory of interior designers, florists, jewellers, artists, potters, babywear designers and more.

Come back to find regular updates of new listings and stories about the journeys our artisans have made.

If you are a small business or artisan….

Costing from as little as two cappuccinos per month, the Little Green Book will put you in front of our discerning readers who love the countryside and all that it has to offer.

Just like you, Wildflower Magazine is a small, independent business, we understand you. Join us and become an integral part of a unique community supported by one of the UK’s most trusted media hubs for championing artisanal products and services.

Email Bronwen for a chat: bronwen.batey@wildflowerpress.co.uk