SOLEMNIKO is a small business on the beautiful Dorset-Hampshire border owned by Alexandra Sebire.

As an artist, writer and bookbinder she decided to combine all of her passions and previous experience to curate a brand that focuses on prioritising the simple decadences in life.

In SOLEMNIKO you will find original artwork and card designs in Alexandra’s signature pointillism style; a selection of handcrafted notebooks made from scratch using FSC certified recycled paper and sustainable fabric; as well as the original no-nonsense, self-love workbook One Step.  Alexandra also offers commission options for notebooks and art pieces, as well as the exclusive The Notebook Club subscription service.

Every aspect of SOLEMNIKO comes from a wish to keep traditional craftsmanship alive and give customers a luxurious, high quality experience that doesn’t compromise on sustainable or humane ethics, prioritising high quality, handcrafted sustainable products under a slow living ethos with nature as the inspiration.