Athene Sholl Jewellery


Established in 1996 by Athene Sholl, a silversmith, jeweller and graduate of Sir John Cass (LGU).

An early interest in recycling and sustainability led Athene to focus her career direction as a studio jeweller. The natural world and applying a bespoke craft approach inspire Athene, with an emphasis on recycled materials, found objects and recycled precious metals. Mathematics, repetition, movement and repeated textural motifs all inform her work, alongside a particular interest in colour theory and its effect on mood.

Meticulous traditional silversmithing techniques and an inventive approach to combining materials and various influences have steered Athene’s collections, handcrafted in her St Peter Port studio.

Athene’s current fascination is hand engraving on metal, achieving a texture akin to those found in nature with a focus on the play of light across the surface. Her latest collection is inspired by lichens, observed on a recent Icelandic trip. Organic growth patterns create a calming, repetitive, almost meditative surface texture.

Contact details

07781 413 343