Textile and interior designer Pippa Blacker designs wallpapers and fabrics with a botanical theme, reflecting her love of the countryside. Perfect for summer, Pippa’s bright and breezy designs bring a touch of nature into the home. Here, Wildflower meets Pippa Blacker, and discovers the inspiration behind her sustainable textile and wallpaper business.

I’ve always been creative.  My A-levels were design based. After school, I completed a Foundation course at art school, before starting a degree in fashion at University. Neither fashion or Uni were for me.  I decided to pursue a career in interior design, which included time spent at John Stefanidis, before starting my soft furnishing business, making curtains and blinds for clients and selling fabrics from designer brands.   I loved working with textiles and gradually I developed my own style.  I knew that one day I wanted to add my own range of fabrics to my business model.



I describe my signature look as quietly colourful, relaxed, and natural. It’s a typical English country style. I find inspiration everywhere in nature. We have a Labrador, so walking is part of my everyday life. I’m always looking at the colours and patterns that I see throughout the year amongst the countryside. I love that each season offers something different to inspire me. My designs are evocatively named for the nature that inspired them: Lavender Path, English Oak, Falling Leaves, Leaf Dance, Wildflower. A best seller is Walking in Heather which was the first design I had printed in 2017.  It’s a hand-painted pattern which has translated into a wonderful repeat, which comes in a host of glorious colours which are also inspired by nature – Aquamarine, Grass, Heather, Sunset, Sky, Hot Pink, Sunshine.

I find colour and pattern really uplifting. I love that it can prompt an emotional reaction. I also love to see how other people use it in their homes, how it tells their story and shows their personality.  A mix of texture, pattern and colour adds such character.

We have a lot of pattern and colour at home. I try to ensure there is ‘red thread’ from one room to the next – a colour that will appear in all the rooms throughout the house creating a sense of flow.   In my home for example, you will find the colour green used in every room. Of course, I also use my own fabrics and papers in the house –  I love to try out new designs at home, as it helps me to understand what works and what needs tweaking!  It’s a great way to get feedback from family and friends too.


Homes evolve over time and a classic country home is no exception.  Mixing old and new furniture is key to creating an authentic and welcoming vibe. I advise my clients to be instinctive in their approach and go for what they love. It’s important to tell your own story and not be led by trends.

I’m learning all the time.  Manufacturing is the biggest learning curve I’ve encountered developing my own range.  I digitally print all my designs, both fabric and wallpaper.  I’m driven to be as sustainable as possible, digital printing really helps with this ethos.  I sample a new pattern and experiment with colours on very small lengths of fabric and then gradually launch the design to see what works in the market.  I then print to order, so hold little or no stock.

My husband and I have a busy family life, with two teenage children and family and friends close by. I’m lucky to live in semi-rural Hampshire and I have an office at home.  We enjoy beautiful walks straight from our front door and then just over an hour on the train to London. We love to entertain, and cooking and food is a big part of our life.  I love being creative with food and really enjoy all the fun you can have with tablescapes and meal planning.  I once considered a career in food and spent time cooking abroad – but the world of pattern and textiles won over!


For interiors advice from Pippa, visit pippablackerinteriors.co.uk


Photography by Sussie Bell

Styling by Selina Lake, Sarah Prall and Pippa Blacker