The colourful hues of nature lighting up a room is the perfect way to lift your mood.
It’s well documented that surrounding yourself with beautiful pictures of flowers, gardens, trees and water is a form of self-care and wellness offering
psychological and emotional benefits.

Your home is your sanctuary, a place to be cocooned from the world, and what better way to create a tranquil space than with calming, colourful images of nature. Inspired by impressionist masters, like Monet and creative design, a professional fine art nature photographer, Nickola Beck’s images of the outdoor world are beautiful pieces of fine art, a centrepiece for a room to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Living and working in Nottingham, Nickola captures nature in a vibrant, abstract, illustrative style capturing the light in all its magical tones.

“I have a fascination with capturing light; I’m excited with how it filters through petals
and leaves, how it bounces and reflects on water and how it radiates through trees,
creating a wonderful, ethereal beauty. I adore the jewel-like colours and
impressionistic-abstract effects that emerge, often these details are difficult
to see until captured through the lens”

Five collections of limited edition, signed, original fine art nature prints are available featuring (our personal favourite), Wildflowers, English Gardens, Woodlands, Reflections and Lake views. With her prints published internationally, Nickola’s work has also featured in exhibitions across the UK. And if you love the sights and sounds of the English countryside, Nickola’s Relax, Rest & Nature videos on YouTube are a must-see and hear.

As a keen environmentalist, her love for all things nature goes beyond what she sees through her lens. Each print is created in a carbon neutral studio, beautifully wrapped and packed in biodegradable materials.

What do you enjoy the most about running your own business? :

I love the freedom of working outdoors in all weathers and the anticipation and excitement of what I might find, and then creating a beautiful, finished print which someone can enjoy in their home, it’s a thrilling process from start to finish. And I love to hear the impact my work has on people, a collector told me that every morning when she sees my beautiful print on her stairs, it reminds her of summer and makes her smile, it doesn’t get better than that!

How do you approach sustainability?

It’s really important to respect the environment where you are shooting, I’m extremely careful not to trample down bluebells or wildflowers or disturb wildlife just for a shot, I reposition myself or find other creative ways to get the image I’m after. With my prints, I was thrilled to find a professional print studio who are proud to be fully end-to-end, carbon neutral, this includes, all aspects of production, packaging and deliveries. In addition, my prints, scarves and cards are beautifully wrapped in biodegradable packaging, whilst still ensuring orders arrive in perfect condition.

What’s next?

This year I’m expanding my ‘Woodland Reflections’ Print Collection, which explores the amazing designs created by reflections in water, from the tree canopy above. I plan to exhibit this collection in luxury venues and retreats around the country, as these pieces provide a beautiful, tranquil connection to nature for the wellbeing of guests. And I’m planning collaborations with passionate garden owners, for a new series of relaxation videos for my YouTube channel ‘Relax Rest & Nature’.

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Nickola Beck Fine Art Nature Photography