Add style and individuality to your home with some well-placed art. Davina Stanley explains how

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  1. Use Instagram to locate artists whose work you love. Start following them and strike up a conversation — most will be delighted to hear from you and happy to discuss a commission if you have something particular in mind.
    2. Find out when art schools are holding end-of-year shows— it’s always great to be able to support new artists fresh from their degree courses.
  2. Pop into local galleries when you are on holiday. Ask to join their mailing lists so you are the first to know about exhibitions.
  3. Visit eBay and Etsy. If you are looking for a drawing of a nude, for example, type in “drawing of nude”. If you want it in an older style, add “vintage” or “antique”. It sounds obvious, but describe what’s in your head and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that often it actually exists — even better, it’s available to buy.
  4. Junk shops, flea markets and car boot sales are always something of a lucky dip, but with perseverance you’ll find a few treasures. Ignore the frame and look at the work itself — a good framer can transform anything.
  5. Prints and drawings can be just as stunning as original canvases. They are a great way of owning one of your favourite artist’s work for a fraction of the cost.
  6. Individual works hung together in a group can fill a large wall and can be as effective as a single large piece. Choose different frames to illustrate the uniqueness of each.
  7. Art is not exclusive to paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. I’ve used perspex boxes with various contents and have framed all sorts of things, such as keys, grouped plates and piled up crystals.
  8. Buy what you love, not what you think will appreciate in value. You might find this generation’s Picasso, but this should never be the motivation for a purchase.