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Decorative plaster cast design is an artform that is as unique as it is beautiful.
From her garden studio in Wales, artist, Kate Bowen creates stunning plaster art that
brings light and life into a home, using wildflowers from meadows or her own garden,
sea life plants and unusual flowers as her muse and inspiration.


The history of plaster art dates back to 7,000 BC, starting with sculptures and evolving into modern day masterpieces using plaster as a medium. Intricate artwork such as Kate’s beautiful plaster crafted designs captures, preserves and depicts every line of a flower or plant and shows the beauty of nature in its most delicate yet textural form.


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Dotty Kate Floral was formed in 2021 and has since flourished, with Kate crafting her stunning designs from her garden studio surrounded by nature. Growing up in the rolling countryside of Carmarthenshire in West Wales, Kate has been intrigued and inspired by the beauty of nature from a young age and throughout her career. And as a botanical plaster cast designer, her creative skills have led to several high profile commissions, such as with the Michelin star restaurant, Beach House, Oxwich on the Gower and the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

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Speaking with Kate, we discover why botanical plaster cast design ideas are limitless and make a showstopping addition to a home, gift or memento from a wedding.

What is it like running your own small business?

“Running my business has it’s challenges from establishing my artwork to developing my skills within marketing, which I am still learning, to coincide with the making of my artwork. This is outweighed by the response and feedback I get from the people who have my work within their homes, restaurants as well as brides that have their bouquets as a keepsake to remember their special day.”

How do you approach sustainability?

“I always have sustainability in mind and reuse my clay wherever I can. The plaster I use is non-toxic making it a safe and sustainable choice to work with. My plants and flowers are placed after use in the compost heap to feed the garden and the seeds are saved to cultivate for the following year to be grown in my greenhouse.”

What’s next?

“With the abundance of summer flowers and plants I am exploring working with a new medium – concrete. I have had many requests about having my artwork within gardens and I am trialling new methods to enable this. This year has been busy in making commissions, from designing and creating two large Gorse plant panels for a new restaurant opening in Pontcanna, Cardiff to bridal pieces and a 60th birthday with three panels to remember her home within the Yorkshire moors.”


Dotty Kate Floral