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Moving from knitwear to jewellery, Katherine approaches her designs with an eye
for fashion, creating a new collection each year from sustainable metals and
semi-precious stones, complete with a colourful back story.

London based with over 20 years’ experience, Katherine Bree creates unique, colourful handmade gemstone jewellery, that vibrate with an air of eclectic sophistication.

Using semi-precious stones, sterling silver and gold vermeil, her wow-inducing necklaces, earrings and bracelets are inspired by nature, art, ancient wisdom and mythology. The story for her collections could blossom from a walk in the park, the sight of colourful plumage of a bird against the urban background of the city, or from a recent film or art exhibition.

We love how Katherine’s stunning collections are also priced to suit every pocket. Each design feels creative, experimental and collectable. They also come with provenance, her designs have been or are currently stocked at esteemed establishments from the British Museum, Liberty, and Selfridges, to the V&A Museum and Tate Britain shops.

Choose a design from Katherine’s Elements Collection, inspired by the key elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Find your next statement piece on Katherine’s website, or arrange for a special gift to be sent beautifully wrapped with a personalised message.

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Running a small business has its challenges, what do you enjoy most about running your business?

Running a small business means wearing all the hats. As well as designing and making the jewellery I also do all the marketing, accounting, website, and the product photography.

I really enjoy the challenge and the opportunity this gives me to learn so many extra skills. But the most enjoyable part is the flexibility over my time and the ability to have the control of the business and my creative vision.


How do you approach sustainability?

I use recycled Sterling silver for my handmade components and clasps wherever possible. I also try to source beads that are ethically produced.

My gift boxes are made from eco board and are manufactured in the UK. My postal packaging is all recyclable, as well as my gift wrap which is produced by small British companies whilst the ribbon I use is made from recycled plastic bottles.

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What’s next?

I’ll be designing a new collection to be launched later in the year (2024) and the inspirations for this will be shared on my monthly newsletter, where subscribers also have the opportunity to win prizes of jewellery and can access exclusive discounts.

Photography by Kirsten Mavric

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Katherine Bree Jewellery