Recycling is this year’s fashion accessory, and Bags of Ethics, a sustainable brand promoting reusable products leads the way when it comes to creating bags and accessories that are as good for the planet as they are your wardrobe.

Renowned for their charity collaborations with The British Fashion Council, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee tree planting campaign and celebrity designer collections with Mulberry, Henry Holland, Julien Macdonald and others, a mission of Bags of Ethics is to reduce single-use plastic bags in supermarkets and shops and to change consumer behaviour from disposable to reusable.

Today, Bags of Ethics have replaced 16 billion plastic bags and are still counting.

Bags of Ethics support responsible design and champion recycled packaging across food, fashion, retail and beauty products. The Bags of Ethics website is a treasure trove of eco-friendly, stylish tote bags and accessories for the home, gifts and garden.

We spoke to Smruti Sriram, Chief Executive of Bags of Ethics/ Supreme Creations on how she’s changing the face of fashion, one bag at a time.

Running a sustainable business has its challenges, what do you enjoy most about running your business?

We love the variety in what we do, each of our projects are tailor made, working with multiple brands in different countries. Each brand has their own philosophy and values and we get to use our creativity and passion to bring their vision to life.

Having a sealed supply chain has helped us build a loyal client base. With full control our clients rely on us to provide an efficient, reliable service and that challenge to consistently deliver to meet their needs motivates us.


What are you particularly proud of that Bags of Ethics has achieved over the years?

There are so many things my team and I have achieved over the last 25 years, pinning it down to one is quite difficult ! If I had to choose, it’s the wonderful charitable collaborations we have created. Our charity, Wings of Hope was set up 20 years ago, where we develop and enhance the skills of British and underprivileged students from India through a mentorship programme.

Our partnership with the British Fashion Council supports British fashion designers through various initiatives we run, like our current project, NewGen30 that supports eight emerging Alumni designers. We’ve also teamed up with founding charity Royal Forestry Society on the ambitious Green Tree Badge campaign, we aim to get one million children across the UK to actively learn more about trees and their benefits.


What’s next?

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary, which is a big milestone for us. Reflecting back on our journey, we have had many highlights and challenges, both have helped grow our business to where we are today. We have helped brands, big and small and the general public to think about the way they shop.

A sustainable tote bag has become a household staple and major brands like Nike, Chanel, Dior, Sainsbury’s, Co-op are working with us as they prioritise sustainability and they are working towards a cleaner and greener future.


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